Women In Rotary and an update from Hungary.

Women In Rotary and an update from Hungary.

Recent Rotary activities.  Back in the day, Rotary was a “Men Only” club.  Fortunately, times have changed.  That change was created by women who wanted challenged Rotary to become better and more inclusive.  Helen Henderson ( left in the pic) was one of those women.  She was one of the first Rotary Presidents.  Next to Helen is our current President Mandy with her sweet little boy Jude.  Our Rotary club, I am proud to say,  is now very inclusive.  Very glad to be part of Rotary!


Laci, our exchange student from Hungary, gave us a great review of Hungary.  Fun fact – Budapest was once two cities, Buda and Pest (one on either side of the Danube), they joined together to become Budapest, the capital of Hungary.  Laci received some strange looks when he talked about the famous Hungarian “hairball liquor”… he was actually saying “herbal liquor”. 😉


President elect Murray Pritchard and Laci.

Also, two members were once again recognized as Paul Harris fellows.  Murray Pritchard (left in the pic) was awarded his Paul Harris + 6.  Kim Davis (next to Murray) was awarded her Paul Harris +2.  Next to Kim is Sherry Davis and Geri Hecker.


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