At Rotary today – Helping “yellow light” kids

At Rotary today – Helping “yellow light” kids

Joel Odorski is a police officer who sees a greater need to help kids who may be at risk for drug addictions.  He spoke to us today as concerned citizen, not as a police officer.  Current programs vilify the addict… but instead, how do you prevent someone from making bad choices and becoming an addict?

His vision (shared by his friend and fellow Rotarian Kelli-Rae Ennis) is that youth who are at risk of addiction should be given mentoring experiences and education to help prevent then from taking that path.  Kelli-Rae talked about mistakes she made in her youth which could have resulted in addiction or death.  Joel talked about really good kids that he had coached football – two of them ended up dying in their teens from drug use.

Pictured above is President Murray, Joel and Kelli-Rae.

This is a grassroots initiative that plans on finding caring citizens to help at risk youth see another path.  If you have some time, talents or treasure to share, contact Kelli-Rae


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