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CEHT Collective by Allan Friesen Certified Employee Benefit Specialist

As you likely know, the worldwide events of the last two years have everyone in the healthcare industry struggling to meet the demands and deficiencies of an over-taxed system. Insurers have lost billions of dollars during this period and their affordability and sometimes, unfortunately, their commitment to their clients have suffered as a result. To combat this I and ‘My Team’ of dedicated professionals have evolved our model to tackle these new issues head on. We have created a new initiative, the Caring Employers, Healthy Teams (CEHT) collaborative. In simple terms, we bring a number of small, medium and even large companies together and select benefit packages and negotiate pricing as a group. This allows us to secure the very best benefit options and pricing usually only available to the largest companies and organizations!

We have approached carefully selected insurers that have resisted the trend of upward pricing and down-scaled services to work with us. They will work with us to provide CEHT members with the absolute best possible employee benefit plans using the enhanced negotiating and buying power of the combined membership. This means that by coming together in CEHT members will spend like a small or medium business but buy like a large conglomerate.

The benefits of CEHT don’t stop with the best pricing and benefit options. We are phasing in a full suite of well-being education and support resources. These will make available knowledge and tools to directly help employees of CEHT members maximize their personal and family health, both physical and mental. Available in person and online these tools will span the range of options from online links to articles and research to live discussions courses and lessons with the best professionals and practitioners in their field.

If you are an employer or an employee and you are interested in learning more about the benefits of being a CEHT member join us this Wednesday, May 3rd at the Nest 2808 5th Ave North Lethbridge (beside Honkers Pub.) Pooja Thakker from Co-operators (one of our valued providers) will be sharing specifics on what enhancements Co-operators will be offering CEHT employers and their teams. Attendance is free and open to both employers and employees, we look forward to seeing you there. For more information contact me at

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Wednesday, May 3rd 4:30 pm presentation by Pooja Thakker from Co-operators (one of our valued providers) shares specifics on what enhancements Co-operators will offer CEHT employers and their teams.

Pooja Thakker

Pooja Thakker| Account Executive – Alberta Region
Co-operators Life Insurance Company | 140, 6700 Macleod Trail S.E.  Calgary Alberta  T2H 0L3
Mobile  403.585.9839 I I

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