Allan Friesen Certified Benefit Specialist – Process

Assess Needs

All solutions begin by examining your current situation and your identified needs.  Through a process of asking clarifying questions and collaborative examination I develop a comprehensive understanding of your current needs and if they are being met.

Ask the questions

As a Certified Benefit Specialist with over 20 years experience I have in-depth understanding of the complex needs of today’s diverse benefit needs. After exploring the existing program I ask key questions to get a more complete understanding of your group’s healthcare needs. From there I match those needs with solution options provided by over 17 healthcare benefit underwriters.


Solution Creation

Having a wide range of providers to choose from, I can formulate the best possible solution to meet the needs of your employers, your employees / group members.  The solutions I create are varied and are as complex, or as simple and straightforward, as required to best suit your needs.

I contribute to the financial health of my employer clients by providing programs and services which contribute to the physical health and well-being of their employees.

Let’s get started now.

Video Tips on Benefits – I have a growing collection of videos I’ve prepared to help you to obtain the best value from your group / employee benefit program