Caring Employers Healthy Teams Collaborative

CEHT Overview

CEHT Collective (Caring Employers, Healthy Teams) is a groundbreaking initiative designed to help small, medium, and large companies secure top-tier employee benefits at the best prices. By negotiating as a group, we achieve pricing and benefits typically reserved for large corporations.

“We provide employee benefits that cater to your specific needs, offering more than just plans. CEHT helps your team thrive.”

Our Mission

The healthcare industry has faced unprecedented challenges recently, with insurers struggling and clients facing rising costs and reduced services. In response, our team have created the CEHT Collective to address these issues head-on.

How It Works

CEHT Collective leverages the collective purchasing power of its members to secure deep discounts and preferred contracts from carefully selected insurers. Members benefit from:

  • Block Pricing: Group negotiation for better rates and terms.
  • Significant Savings: Average savings of 15% on current plans.
  • Enhanced Benefits: More comprehensive coverage for less.
“Our innovative CEHT collaborative ensures cost containment without compromising on care. It provides cost-efficient and maximized wellness benefits.”
“We are your local agent with nationwide expertise from carefully selected insuring partners.  Together, we offer customized wellness protection that combines the best of both.” 

Our CEHT Insuring Partners

For the CEHT program, we carefully vet and secure partnerships with insurers prioritizing client well-being over profits. Our providers, Cooperators, Beneva, and RBC, are mutual fund companies that reinvest in those they insure rather than focusing on stockholder dividends. We have carefully vetted and selected these insurers specifically for their fit and commitment to the values of the CEHT Collective. 

“By establishing relationships with your healthcare providers, MyTeam members at Allan Friesen Benefits assist you and your healthcare provider with questions or help to set up or resolve direct billing issues should one occur.”

Additional Benefits

BenefitCare Program: Local, personalized healthcare support for members, ensuring smooth experiences with healthcare providers and pharmacies.  CEHT members can conveniently submit their providers, and we will contact them to confirm they have direct billing with our insuring partners.  If they don’t, we can assist the health and wellness provider in setting up direct billing. 

We also maintain a list of ‘Preferred Providers’ that have been recommended by CEHT members themselves and who we have confirmed offer direct billing with our CEHT insuring partners. 

Community Wellness Program:

Resources and education for physical and mental health are available both online and in person.  CEHT members ar invited to sign up for our Community Wellness program which shares information and opportunites to engage in life enriching health and wellness activities. 

Community Impact

CEHT Collective is committed to improving our community through:

  • Cash Donations: Supporting Bridges of Hope via the Friesen Fund.
  • Volunteer Efforts: Team members and CEHT members actively contribute their time and expertise to community initiatives.
“Discover the extended health and wellness benefits that connect people and support communities. CEHT offers comprehensive solutions to enhance your team’s well-being as well as the communities we live in.”

Contact us today about our CEHT Colborative to find out how it can save you money and provide a better benefit fit for your team!