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CEHT Collective by Allan Friesen, Certified Employee Benefit Specialist

As you likely know, the worldwide events of the last two years have everyone in the healthcare industry struggling to meet the demands and deficiencies of an over-taxed system. Insurers have lost billions of dollars during this period, and their affordability and, sometimes, unfortunately, their commitment to their clients have suffered as a result. To combat this, I and ‘My Team’ of dedicated professionals has evolved our model to tackle these new issues head-on. We have created a new initiative, the Caring Employers, Healthy Teams (CEHT) collaborative. In simple terms, we bring a number of small, medium, and even large companies together select benefit packages and negotiate pricing as a group. This allows us to secure the very best benefits options and pricing, usually only available to the largest companies and organizations!

We have approached carefully selected insurers who have resisted the trend of upward pricing and down-scaled services to work with us. They will work with us to provide CEHT members with the absolute best possible employee benefit plans using the enhanced negotiating and buying power of the combined membership. This means that by coming together in CEHT, members will spend like a small or medium business but buy like a large conglomerate.

CEHT – Caring Employee, Healthy Teams Overview

The employee benefits solution for Caring Employers who recognize the critical value of their team members’ health and wellness. Extensive research shows that employee health and wellness directly affect productivity and profitability. Poor or under-supported employee health leads to increased sick days, tired, and stressed team members, lowered job satisfaction and even trouble attracting and retaining the best team members.m

Most caring employers recognize this, but traditionally top, tier benefits, and the best pricing, are reserved for large companies with hundreds of employees. Small to mid-sized companies have been forced to accept the highest premiums for the least coverage. To address this, Allan Friesen, a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist and 40-year veteran of group benefits, has worked with carefully chosen insurers to create a unique, groundbreaking solution – the Caring Employers, Healthy Team Collective – CEHT for short!

“Sounds great, but how does it work? Lowering costs BUT increasing benefits sound too good to be true, right?” It’s a legitimate question and one we are always excited to answer! Here are the highlights of how the program works and why it could be the solution you’ve been looking for to help your team achieve their maximum health and wellness without sacrificing your bottom line.

CEHT is structured to allow small and medium companies to come together and receive the same deep discounts and preferred contracts as large companies. We call this block pricing. Most members of CEHT save about 15% on average from their current plan, sometimes more or less depending on individual conditions, but EVERY member sees a significant increase in the benefits of their plans!

CEHT was started by searching for insurance providers that shared our belief that small to medium companies need and deserve (they are the foundation of our national economy) at least the support given to large companies that already benefit from substantial incentives and support from the government at all levels.

CEHT uses only carefully selected insurance-providing partners. These providers must have a proven track record of putting ‘right before riches’ when supporting those they insure. Our two primary providers, Cooperators and Beneva, are mutual fund companies. This means they don’t have stockholders to satisfy with big dividends but instead work for those they insure!

Our company and insurance providers have agreed to cut the administration costs for CEHT members deeply – this is why we can provide more for less, more benefits (or at least comparable and better fit) for lower premiums.

Using the buying power of the CEHT’s advanced block buying model, the CEHT Collective provides those deep pricing cuts (15% on average). CEHT rates are typically fixed for 24 to 72-month renewal terms with a lower-than-standard rate increase after the initial term.
The benefits of CEHT don’t stop with the best pricing and benefit options. All members of CEHT, employers and employees, as well as their families, have immediate access to a personalized healthcare support program called BenefitCare.

BenefitCare works closely with each member to ensure that their healthcare providers, pharmacies etc., experiences are smooth and trouble-free. Being a local company, we are able to build positive relationships with local providers and assist CEHT members in getting the health care services and medications they need ‘hassle-free.’ In addition, BenefitCare works continuously to develop our local healthcare provider network to assist members with updated and accurate information on healthcare providers, services and billing structure. Our customer support services for CEHT members do not stop with the BenefitCare program.

The Community Wellness program is a full suite of well-being education and support resources providing knowledge and tools to directly help employees of CEHT members maximize their personal and family health, physical and mental. Available in person and online, these tools will span a range of options from online links to articles and research to courses, discussions and lessons in person with the best professionals and practitioners in their field.

On top of all these benefits and features is our commitment to helping build health and wellness in our community. CEHT’s impact extends beyond your company walls. We have set a goal to improve our community, increase food security and decrease violence and abuse. This is accomplished through cash donations to Bridges of Hope via the Friesen Fund, a registered charity as well as other community-enhancing and building activities by MyTeam and CEHT members. By being a part of CEHT Collaborative, you contribute to providing food security and protecting vulnerable members of our community from violence/abuse. In addition collectively and individually the members of MyTeam donate time and expertise to various community groups and organizations focused on the same goals. Through the membership of CEHT and our Community Wellness program we also encourage employer, employee and health care provider participation in activities and donations to reach our collective goal. Why not contact us and see how you can get involved today!

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